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My Beauttiful Africa bring together a team of photographers from around the world who share a common goal : To highlight a current, dynamic and innovative Africa, showcasing the works of contemporary artists.  

Carefully hand selected by My Beautiful Africa, these artists invite you to an aesthetic and a journey of sensory to meet a vibrant Africa with modernity and creativity. We carefully choose works that capture the beauty of a moment, grasping silhouette, a body of Light, composition, colors and more. 

With every selection process, we take the time to carefully examine every detail and scrutinize every body of art alongside it’s creator. We are happy to present the artists of our second collection " Dear Black Woman".

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Godiva Omoruyi is a Fine-Art portrait and a digital artist, born in 1999 in Lagos, Nigeria, an indigen of Edo state. He is the Founder and Creative Director of 4THFINGER STUDIOS. His works showcase the beauty in human diversity, self-love, and the power of the black people. He also tends to explore other "futuristic" societal spectrums with his art. Godiva aims to be among the few young and talented African artists acknowledged globally. He hopes to provide solutions to societal issues with his fine art portraits.
Ouattara Idriss, (artist name O’kiins howara) is an ivorian artist. He started photography in 2019. Artist at heart, he has dabbled in drawing, writing, music and it's all these areas that inspires and guides his creations. 
With two exhibitions to his credit, Idriss had the opportunity to introduce his work to a wider audience.
 His vision of art is above all to highlight the beauty and artistic fiber that abounds in the african continent.
Bytunde is an afro american artist based is Brooklyn, NY.
He is specialized in portrait and fashion photography. Photography is his vehicle of self-expression, allowing him to highlight his creativity through various details, concepts, tones, and colors.
Brandon Thomas Brown in an afro american artist currently based in New York. His depictions of black and brown people challenge hegemonic narratives by having his subjects posed in ways that invoke the past as the product of lived memory.
His works stage a wider investigation of contemporary authenticity and the modern representation of "Black Beauty", creating intimate moments that recall personal history, although one staged in mystic abstraction. His photographs create a surreal atmosphere out of the everyday, inviting the viewer to journey beyond the world's surface to see what goes unnoticed.
Alioune SEYE, senegalese photographer based in Senegal.
At a very young age he discovered in himself this very sensorial side in addition to his primary passion: drawing.
His studies in luxury management have given him this rigor and a sense of detail with regard to his works.
"I always say that in photography nothing is trivial, it is enough to see what the lambda cannot perceive".
Ayoola Duke of iCapture Studios is a Nigerian based beauty, fashion and portrait photographer. He is also a seasoned image retoucher known for his detailed high-end photo editing.
Duke has gathered a wealth of knowledge on photography and high-end photo editing with a special interest in skin retouching. He creates rich imagery celebrating African women with strong emphasis on the iridescent skin tone black women possess. This fuels his passion for luxurious beauty and fashion photographs.
 Malick kebe, (artist name From Abidjan,) is a curator of new ideas and inspiration. Malick aimed to put Abidjan to the forefront of the international stage.

Through the lens of his iphone and his minimalist vision, he is able to create his own identity by building a universe that he masters perfectly, mixing modernity and African origins.
Since January 2019, Malick has been sharing his works, via his Instagram account "From Abidjan", which have expressed the interest of the greatest
Apple, Pinterest etc ... This consecration pushed From Abidjan to the forefront by allowing himo exhibit his creations in Paris, Atlanta ,the United States, Zanzibar, and Abidjan.

In 2020, Malick launched the #facetimeshooting during the pandemic, which involved doing remote shoots via the Facetime app with models from France, United states and Brazil.

Between From Abidjan and the rest of the world, there is only one step.