The Bishop - Define me if you dare ! - limited edition

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"The bishop" - By the artist Haira Desplanches 
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Creativity is at the center of my life.

The bishop is the name that predestined me to be the person I am today, overflowing with creativity and madness! I started very young to express my emotions through art: I wrote, I drew, I sang and I played several musical instruments. Every color, sound and tone reflected my state and my feelings.

When I was a child, I was often rejected by others because they thought I was different and eccentric. But art was a necessity for me, it was a way to evacuate the mental load that I carried daily. Before the separation of my parents, I lived in a climate of very harmful tension since every day, I witnessed physical and psychological violence.

My emotional health was not preserved, and the only way to free my mind was to sing, write or play a musical instrument. Today, I am an artist, committed or not, I give life to the unsaid and I transform silence into words. I use my creativity and my madness to highlight what has been put aside and make this world a "better" world.

Are you an artist at heart too?


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Paper type : Hahnemühle fiber 300
100% cotton
Texture : Mat smooth slightly textured
Grammage : 300g/m2
Paper thickness : 0,48mm

 Each artwork is numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist

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