About us

Founded in 2019, My beautiful Africa had it’s mission crystal clear from the start ; To showcase the beauty and modernity of the continent through art.

It all began with an Instagram account (@mybeautifulafrica__) that took storm and grew to now, over 200 thousand admirers liking, engaging and sharing their handpicked art.

They are valuing and highlighting contemporary artists and created the ultimate art gallery valorising the continent.

Maymouna Dembele, The Founder, had a vision and saw that her creation could go deeper and even bigger hence today, we are graced with My Beautiful Africa THE BRAND.

She expresses, “ I wanted to go further, It all started with an observation: The extreme lack of representation of the black community in traditional interior design sites or art galleries and also the lack of visibility given to these amazing artists.

"I created The brand to put forward the Africa we rarely see and love.
My goal : Make Afro-contemporary art more accessible and visible, to promote Africa and above all highlight all the well deserved talented artists ! ”


Right here on My Beautiful Africa, you will find a curated selection of afro-contemporary art photography made by emerging artists from Africa or around the world. Available in limited edition, numbered and send with a certificated of authenticity signed by the artists., 

These artworks are available worldwide, coming in high quality prints to spice up any interior space; making for a modern and elegant living .

So if you love art, interior design and Africa; Welcome to My Beautiful Africa !


 Maymouna-Founder of My Beautiful Africa